What’s on Tap?



Meteor IPA.  Flagship IPA from the brewery least likely to have one. 90s West coast style. Citra and Simcoe hopped. Popular in France. 5.1% ABV. 16oz pour.  (CANS ONLY UNITL WE GET MORE ON DRAFT)

All Purpose Pilz. We did it! We made a lager! Polish-inspired pilsner. Very crisp, pronounced Lubelski hop bitterness. 4.2% ABV. 16oz pour.

Boot Up! This strawberry cream ale is incredibly refreshing! Made with flaked corn, lactose, strawberries and pumped up on CO2, it’s a very agreeable patio beverage. Boot Up was brewed on International Women’s Day alongside the Pink Boots Society, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to our local chapter! 5.5% ABV. 16oz pour.

Cherry Berliner Weisse.  A refreshing sour wheat beer made with mahlab and fermented on cherries. Very light bodied, very spritzy, smells like a cherry pie! 4.5% ABV. 16oz pour

Earthbound Blonde.  Our flagship blonde has a beguiling aroma thanks to cardamom and telicherry black pepper and a refreshing, crisp finish thanks to black tea added at the end of the boil. 4.50% ABV. 16oz pour. 

Mahlab ESB.  Malty pub ale made with mahlab, the pits of Ste Lucie cherries. They add a wonderful spice bread aroma to this toasty beer! 5.1% ABV. 16oz pour

Cookie Brown. Medium bodied brown ale made with biscuit malt, oats and lactose. We tossed in some raisins, cinnamon and fenugreek for the ULTIMATE OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIE BEER! 5% ABV. 16oz pour

Open Source Brown.  This medium bodied, lightly hopped, smooth brown ale will make your beer heart happy. Notes of caramel, biscuit and a hint of roastiness. 5.4% ABV. 16oz pour. (CANS ONLY)

Irish Red.  Rich, malty body, crisp mineral finish. Unique aroma from melanoiden malt. 5.1% ABV. 16oz pour

Precocious Cowboy. Kettle soured gose brewed with salt, coriander and apricot, lots of springtime jammitude in this tart bevvy. 5.6% ABV. 16oz pour.

Dead Druid King. Based on Bavarian tomb findings from 800BC, this black wheat beer is bittered with oak leaves instead of hops. Complex and slightly sour, probably the weirdest beer we make. 7% ABV. 16oz pour.

Ozark Milkshake IPA. This hazy, juicy IPA is made with a ton of passionfruit, citra hops, oats, wheat and lactose. Smooth, silky and delicious! 6.9% ABV. 16oz pour.

UPCOMING RELEASES: Cherry Berliner Weisse, Fuzzy Pickles